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Skin Types

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What skin characteristics identifies your skin type?

The characteristics that identify or label your skin type depends on environmental, dietary and genetic factors. The water and oil (sebum) content in the skin determines its elasticity, softness, appearance and comfort. Improper skin care can also contribute to unbalanced skin Ph which in turn can render the skin sensitive and irritated, consequently, also determining your skin type.


If you see a significant change in the condition of your skin anywhere on your body and your daily skin care regimen does not appear to be correcting it or the area of concern is increasing in size and/or color it is time for your to make an appointment with a Dermatologist. Chronic or increasingly serious skin problems should never be's ''Time to See A Dermatologist"!


If you are allergic to, or believe that you may be allergic to, nickel and or cobalt there is now a barrier cream that is proven to protect you. Whether this exposure is from personal jewellery, etc. or at your occupation there is now a clinically proven barrier cream to provide continuous relief... Nik-L-Blok Barrier Cream : Clinically Tested and Proven Effective...Protects against eczema induced by nickel and cobalt.

How does NIK-L-BLOK work?

NIK-L-BLOKTM is a revolutionary skin barrier cream with patented formula that traps nickel and cobalt ions effectively protecting the skin against developing ACD (allergic contact dermatitis).

NIK-L-BLOKTM will help prevent sensitization leading to contact allergy if used when handling objects releasing nickel or cobalt. If you already have developed a contact allergy, NIK-L-BLOK will help protect your skin, enabling metal interaction without worrying about developing eczema.

NIK-L-BLOK is Proven Effective!

The patented formula of NIK-L-BLOKTM uses DTPA (a metal ion chelator) to prevent free metal ions from nickel or cobalt to penetrate the skin. Apply a protective layer of NIK-L-BLOK to all skin areas exposed to metal contact. Apply as needed. Re-apply after washing.

How to determine if a metallic object contains Nickel or Cobalt:

Chemo-Nickel an easy one step method to detect free Nickel in metallic objects. Apply the test liquid to a Q-tip and rub it onto the metallic object...if the tip turns pinkish-red the object contains free nickel and should be avoided.

Chemo-Cobalt an easy one step method to detect free Cobalt in metallic objects. The Cobalt Spot Test detects free cobalt down to a limit of 8.3ppm (parts per million). The sensitivity threshold of most cobalt allergic individuals is above 10 ppm. Chemo-Cobalt

The test contains Nitroso R salt solution. Apply the liquid to a Q-tip and rub it into a cobalt containing object. If the tip turns bright reddish-pink, the object should be avoided.

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